Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer paints my belly!

In an attempt to get the kids excited about this upcoming little man, we let Summer paint my belly. River had a great time watching her and actually behaved the whole time. Summer really liked it and was proud of her picture. I may let River have a chance at it too in a day or so-- we used finger paints, but as it began to dry it itched like crazy!

The before picture.

Yes, my son is trying to give me a smile for the picture. No, he's not in pain.

Summer paints my belly!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer performs at her school's Memorial Day celebration

Summer did a great job in her Memorial Day celebration today! As you can see, River was excited to see her. Its so amazing watching our little girl grow into a young woman!

Summer performs at her school's Memorial Day celebration

Friday, May 15, 2009

Quick family update...

Well, we have successfully moved both children into a room together! They have slept there since last Friday and both have been sleeping through the night without any worries. So, unless they make a major turn around, we're doing great! I couldn't have asked for an easier transition and wasn't thinking it was going to be this smooth, but I am thankful to the universe for letting this one thing go easy for us! Both kids are in love with their bunk beds and new sheets and comforters! They still fight a bit over playing together in there, but we haven't brought much in for them yet. I still have a toy organizer and book shelf I want to purchase to place in there before we really move them in completely.

Summer is wrapping up 1st grade and doing it beautifully! She has really excelled in math and has gotten a good hold on reading and writing. She struggled with both for a while, but has come a long way with lots of practice the last few months. I can hardly believe my little girl is going to graduate on to the 2nd grade! She is just growing along so nicely. She's still the artist and loves to play school. She spends most of her afternoons drawing us pictures or teaching make believe students. If she isn't doing that, she's busy playing with her best friend, MacKenzie. She has blossomed into quite the young woman and has been questioning everything. I had to have the dreaded 'sex talk' with her the other day when she asked me how she could NOT have a baby. I sure wasn't ready for THAT conversation, but it seemed to go well and didn't blow her mind too much. It seems I have always had to have these conversations with her way earlier than I ever plan to. But, when she asks and I give ample opportunity to back out of the question but she persists, I stick it out and tell her the truth. She is a sponge for all information and loves learning new things. Thankfully, she mostly has focused on animals lately- dolphins, dogs, guinea pigs, whales... things that are much easier to talk about. She and I are growing morning glories in a few different areas in the garden and soon we'll be trying some pumpkins in hopes of growing our own Halloween pumpkins for this year!

River is becoming quite the young man. His language skills are excellent and he has a real compassionate side. He still loves to snuggle and takes time each day to sit and snuggle me for a while. He is learning that being the little brother isn't always fun, but is also learning to defend himself and stand up for himself. He is sensitive too, so he often gets his feelings hurt and we are working on talking respectfully to each other (mostly Summer and Riv!). He just finally had his 2 year check up and weighs 30lb. and is exactly 36". He is doing well in all the areas that he should be and is ahead in some-- compared to other 3 year olds, not 2 year olds. He has a huge love of animals, cars, trucks-- especially big diggers, and plants. He is caring for and very successfully growing sugar snap peas in our front garden. He loves to play in his sand box and would spend all day outside if I would let him. He is proud of being "big" and likes to go on the potty some of the time and likes having a big kid room and bed. He is doubtful of the new baby, not being sure if he wants to be a big brother and whether he'll love the new baby. But, he thinks the baby loves him and he likes that. He snuggles my belly sometimes, but still isn't sure about it all. I think he'll come around once his little bro is here-- and sometimes he won't, I'm sure. He also has an artistic side, but usually express himself in self-portrait. Meaning he's the canvas! Currently he is covering his arms in marker.

Clayton and I are still doing well. He's still working in Boston a lot, but we are finding more time together than we have in the not so distant past. And I am feeling good, although huge in this 3rd pregnancy. We are both excited about welcoming a new little one into our world, although have both said multiple times, "How are we going to handle having 3 children?" But, we have faith in ourselves and thankfully newborns don't require much more than feeding and changing and holding. It will be great to watch Summer transition into big sister mode again now that she's older and more likely to be motherly and helpful and to watch River learn how to be a big brother. And holding a newborn again will feel really nice for both of us-- and far more calm than the other 2! So, we are looking forward to this summer and all that it has to offer us! If any of you find yourselves out this way, drop on by!

Mother's Day Butterfly House tradition

As with the past 2 years, we headed to the butterfly house for Mother's Day. River was really hoping for a butterfly to land on his hand, or shirt or shoes. Summer wasn't feeling great and spent most of her time sulking and sitting being sad. But, we enjoyed ourselves anyway and we amazed as always by the beauty of it all! Afterwards, we stopped by the crystal shop near there and I got to chose a present. I chose a box that is made out of fossils-- amonite-- thats the curly one that looks a bit like a nautilus. Its pretty and I have it on my downstairs desk. When we got home, we were all ready to eat and then go to bed. It had taken us a long time to get out of the house that morning. But, it was adecent day regardless. This weekend I am going to Boston to visit Gabriel and get some time away from the kids. Its been more than 6 months since I took a break and I'm really looking forward to sleeping in and not being woken up early by a grumpy child! Oh... and seeing my friend will be nice too! I'll get in another guitar lesson, I hope!

Mother's Day Butterfly House tradition

River's colorful nails

I brought down the nail polish on Mother's Day before we headed out to the butterfly house and River decided he wanted his toes and nails painted too! He chose all the colors and is very proud of sitting still and letting them dry. I think its wicked cute!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Our Sunday at the park

We spent last Sunday afternoon at the park. One of Summer's school friends was there. Clayton and River had made a rocket that we all shot off and we had fun swinging on swings and just having fun in the warm weather.

Our Sunday at the park

Our Sunday at the park

Clayton's rocket at the park

River plays really sweetly with Tovah

Little man Thumper makes some moves in my belly

Wanakena Trip

Well, Summer, River and I spent a week in Wanakena and Clayton got to be there for 2 1/2 days. It mostly rained and varied between 40*-60*. On our last day it actually snowed! Huge snowflakes and a lot! Summer and I were both in awe and we decided it was a good day to leave. Strange coming home to 90* weather after that.

But, we've learned that Summer and River are both pretty avid fisherpeople and we got to spend a lot of time relaxing and enjoying all of Grandma Sue's birds. I got to see my first evening grosbeak and merlin. We had a fire in the fire place every night and did s'mores almost every night. I got to go to bed early every night with River and Summer went to bed with Grandma. It was a great time to relax and be away from home for a while.

Summer and River playing together in Wanakena