Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some Christmas fun

Our tree with Summer's pile of gifts.
River's pile.
A nice daddy-River moment.
Summer checks out her new double dreamcatcher.
Merry Christmas!

Some Christmas fun

River REALLY likes his Poppa D! He has even started saying, "Poppa." I guess that bodes well for him for when he helps watch the kids with my mom for 13 days in March while Clayton and I go to the Bahamas.
Summer and River check out Riv's new wooden barn animals in the farm house.
Summer gets working on pictures with her new camera right away.
Our little photographer.
Riv jingles some bells while eating some cheerios.

Some Christmas fun

Michael displays his new 'pirate' friend.

Summer opens a new scrapbook.
Daddy and his kids.

Some Christmas fun

River and his box.

Summer displays her new outfit from her grandparents.

Some Christmas fun

A little house craziness.
River likes this new box from Grandma D.

Zero enjoys his Christmas gift as well.

Some Christmas fun

Summer works on taking the blood pressure of Riv's duck while Grandma D holds it still. They later created an entire animal hospital up in Summer's room to help work on all her stuffed animals.
My dad and Mikey lounge around- taking as break from the children!
Rivvy plays with his new wooden airplane from us.
River sports his new frog hat from uncle Mikey.
Too cute not to post!

Monday, December 24, 2007

River plays in hat and coat he requested on

River in a basket

Saturday, December 22, 2007

My awesome rocking chair from Clayton

Monday, December 17, 2007

Some fun in the snow

Sunday, December 16, 2007

New York City

We headed into New York City on Saturday to spend some time with Clayton's dad and check the city out at Christmas. It was CRAZY there! Tons and tons of people everywhere! It was my first time in New York and it certainly has an exciting air about it. I think we walked 4 miles that day! And Summer, the tropper that she is, walked almost the entire time! Here's our family in Times Square.
Clayton and River check out the tall buildings.
Summer and Pop check out a display of huge ornaments.
The huge Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center-- we saw the ice skaters as well, but no picture of that.
Here's a HUGE exhibit of Harry Potter themed animals for sale at FAO Schwarz.

New York City

The view from the Pop's apartment.
A view with more of the city in the background.

This is the terrace off of his building.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Stef's 32nd birthday

I had a very nice birthday, thanks to my loving family. We mostly celebrated in the morning- Clayton made a special breakfast and I opened presents. I already received my biggest gift of a super-neat rocking chair that is Amish made and SOOO comfortable. Its a chair I have been looking for for almost 8 years now and Clayton and his mom found it for me! I'll have to get a picture of it, because its very pretty- lots of bent branches and stuff. Summer made me feel special by running upstairs and coming down with 3 presents wrapped in paper and stickers- a crystal of hers, one of her berrets, and I can't remember the other, but it was very sweet that she wanted me to have some of her personal things.
Summer helped me blow out my candles and we shared the wish.
River really wants some of the special dessert Clayton made.

A foot of snow in 12 hours!

Well, we had a huge noreaster hit us yesterday. It snowed from 11am-midnight and we got a foot or more of snow. We kept Summer home from school- they were calling for a half day anyway. It sure was pretty outside, but no fun this morning getting Summer off to school and the dog out for a walk. Summer played outside with her neighbor friend, Mackenzie. They sled down a small hill and then played at her house and had hot chocolate. I took River out to explore thinking he might really enjoy the new experience, but I was very wrong. The snow made him very nervous and he spent most of the time crying even though Summer and Mackenzie were trying to make him laugh and spent a lot of their time giggling together. Apparently, it was a bit too much for him. You can see their fun in the pictures below. I heard on the news this morning that we have ice and snow coming in Saturday evening with maybe another 8 inches followed by another noreaster on Sunday! Looks like winter has officially started regardless of what the calendar says!

Busy girl in the snow

Summer learns the joy of sledding!

She and her friend, Mackenzie sled down a small hill.