Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Belly pictures

River was giving the baby kisses, but we kept missing the picture. They're cute anyway.
Belly pictures of Stef at 16 weeks.

Summer and River dancing a few weeks ago

Very late Christmas morning video

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Family update

Hey all! I have been lame about loading pics from the camera to the computer-- Christmas isn't even in yet. So, I thought I could at the very least do a little written update. Let's start this time around with the adults. Clayto has been working his butt off, nonstop since winter vacation ended. We are lucky to see him on the weekend and even though he comes home sometimes during the week, the kids and I are usually already asleep. Thankfully, he'll work his butt off again this week and then be granted a very much needed and deserved vacation in Florida that his father is taking us all on. We have found through this experience that his working in Boston throughout the week, especially with monring sickness still overtaking me, is not the best way to live. His deal, when he originally got this promotion, was a guaranteed 2 days a week in Springfield once people were hired to the office (which they have been- one for a while now and other pretty brand new). It is a Boston based position, we knew this, but with a definite 2 days and evenings with us, and the large pay raise, we all figured it was worth it. Well, we have yet to receive that 2 days a week, except on rare occasions and its taking its toll. Clayton's back, although not as bad as it was, remains in rough shape. I have come to rely so much on our amazing neighbors for help, but the kids and I both really miss his presence in our daily lives. So, he's working on his end to try and get those promised days and we are doing our best to make it through without strangling each other -- (not the easiest thing for mom to do while she's throwing up one night while mediating a fight between her 2 children!!!) So, hopefully our lives will get back to a bit more normal soon.

I am feeling good for the very first time since the morning sickness settled upon me. I have had a bit of energy today and have hope for the future that the wonderful 2nd trimester energy and glow will don itself upon me. I have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for this to happen. So, I am hoping it has come so that I can get our house and kids back in order! Its amazing what 15 weeks of no Clayton and I having much time or energy can do to our house. AND we have to give out huge kudos to mom and dad, Grandma Sue, Pop and Aunt Jessie for all their amazing help and visits!!! They helped make the last 3 months so much more bearable> Thank you again and again!!!!

Summer has settled into 1st grade and is well on her way to being an amazing reader and writer. She has a draw and write notebook that she writes a story in every week and illustrates as well. She has come to love gym class, especially when they get to do bowling in class. She really loves the new art teacher this year and I think she is finding their projects more challenging and fun this year. As always, she loves her teacher and class. She has decided that getting school lunch can be fun sometimes--(and much to our dismay, gets it sometimes even when we have packed her a lunch!) She is still very close to our neighbor, Mackenzie who lives across the driveway. They play at least 3 times a week and have sleepovers about once a month. She just enjoyed a sleepover here with Mac last night. Summer is really hoping for a little sister this time around. She is absolutely convinced that a sister with not be annoying like a little brother. I have warned her that a sister will most likely like all her toys even more than River does, but she says thats no problem, she won't mind sharing with a sister at all. Now that we are 16 going on 17 weeks pregnant, we will be able to find out boy or girl anytime now, we simply need to schedule the ultrasound. So, we'll soon know if Summer gets her wish. River, being the strange boy he is hopes the baby is a boy, but wants a sister. So, figure that one out!? Contrary to her backstabbing talk of her brother, Summer is actually quite an amazing big sister most of the time. She's awesome with Riv when she decides to take him under her wing and play with him. And she has been an amazing help to me on really bad days. She is a very grown up little girl and incredibly sympathetic to those in need. She told me a story one day about wishing to help her little friend, Ben from school. All the girls like to chase him and steal his coat from him once they catch him. She thought that wasn't nice, especially since it was cold out and wanted to help him out. She is turning out to be a very thoughful friend, so some of our lessons must be coming through somewhere!

River continues to grow! His language has blossomed and we've heard him correctly use words like "probably" "perhaps" and "definitely." Some of his cutest sayings are: "Daddy you are best mine friend!" "Mommy, thats yours drink" "Mommy, are you OK?" (usually asked while I'm puking or laying in bed afterwards) "Knock, knock...( you ask who's there?) and he answers: penis!" (he made this up on his own and we, being surprised, laughed at his joke, so of course, he used it more. This and poop are his favorites to use.) "There's pee in there!"(much to his surprise every time he pees in his potty-- he's been potty trained since he started about 3 weeks ago) We have attempted to convince him to wear underwear during the day, but he won't have it. He prefers commando or a diaper. But, mostly commando... His favorite things to play with are his matchbox cars and building with the Duplos. He and I make a house almost every day. We race cars across the floor almost every day as well. His favorite movie is "Cars." I have had to ban it for a while, because I am just so sick of it. He is still ready and willing to try new food for the most part and eats all day if given the opportunity. He's still an avid snuggler and is willing to give kisses as long as he can wipe them off afterwards. He still has a sweet way of talking and using unusual intonations in his speech. We are hoping he keeps it, because its very cute. His dad is undoubtedly his favorite person. He drives Clayton nuts on the weekend sometimes, because he is attached at the hip to him from morning until night.