Friday, August 31, 2007

River's new shoes

River checks out his new shoes-- the first pair he hasn't managed get off so easily!
Apparently, these shoes make you raise your feet extra high when you walk.
Riv and Gram on the rock in the front yard.
...wearing the shoes outside.

River plays

River threw and walked after this ball and another for about a half an hour straight one day. When he was finished, he was panting and sweaty and needed a good drink of water. It was very sweet to see him have so much fun and concentration.

This car was Summer's when she was 1year old. We gave it to little Clayton to use for a while and now here River is checking it out for one of the first times. He LOVES it!

Pop, River, Summer and Clayt play catch

Pop came for a visit last weekend

Pop came for a weekend visit. River loved up to him relatively quickly and we all enjoyed each other's company.
Summer throws the ball to River and Pop.

Clayton "hides" the ball.
Good catch, Riv!

Friday, August 24, 2007

River is 11 months old!

Well, its official, River is 1 month away from being a year old! He has changed SO much in the last month! He says, "na, na" for nurse, "momma", and "dada." He claps, he dances, he walks, he signs "all done" after meals, he bites when he's really mad, he can't seem to get enough of his animals- even if they scratch him, he sleeps very well in his own bed-the pack-n-play at the end of our own, he points, he has a really great sense of humor- often doing things just to get us to laugh- nothing like a diaper on the head for a laugh! He eats 3-5 meals a day, but nothing soupy, especially NOT applesauce! He already gripes at his sister if she does something he doesn't like-- mostly just giving it back to her when she's grumpy with him. He is quick to smile, but only a little harder to make laugh. He's not as snuggly as he used to be, unless he's tired. He's a wiggler and nonstop mover and gibberish talker. He loves to take a bath, but not as much as he used to- he doesn't mind the shower with a parent either-- as long as water is involved. He prefers his mom, but gets REALLY excited whenever his dad comes home from work and demands to be held by him immediately. He loves to watch his sister and you can tell he wishes he could run around and play with her. He would eat forever, if we let him. He's quick to anger, but unlike his sister who holds a grudge for years, he's quick to let it go. He gets into all the things he shouldn't, unlike Summer who was as close to a perfect baby as you could get. He's stubborn, but easily distracted. He's both difficult and easy-- he does a lot of things we wish he wouldn't, but his easy-going and loving personality makes up for it, so you almost don't mind. Thats all for now!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Abigail comes to visit

We used to have my brother come visit for a week every summer, I think I've done that with him since he was 11. Anyway, we wanted to start the same thing with Abby, since we only get to see her a little throughout the year. So, after the wedding, we brought her home with us for the week. These are the pictures I took of the girls at the park yesterday. The girls have spent a lot of time playing together. Abby is a big help with River and loves to take care of him. She and I have had a lot of really neat conversations and Clayton took her to see the new Harry Potter movie last night. So, I think she's enjoying her time with us.

This is at the same park in the water park section-- Summer spent most of her time being nervous, while Abby got herself soaking wet!
Abby tries to get Summer to try out the water.

Abby with attitude!

Jessie and Mark are married!

Last weekend, we went to Syracuse to celebrate Jessie and Mark's wedding. They had a very simple, but beautiful and touching ceremony in Mark's sister's backyard. It was a fun time and the kids loved seeing each other again. Congratualtions to Jessie and Mark!!

Jessie and Mark's Wedding

I got to read to them. I read about magic.
They're now officially married. Hooray!
The happy couple.
Cousins playing in the hammock

Cousin Matt can't believe how fast River is growing. Little Clayton adores his little cousin!

More Wedding fun...

The Novak-MacDonald-Cramer Family
Mr. and Mrs. Cramer
River is touched by the ceremony as well
Sue, her sister, Linda, and her husband, Ed
Little boy Clayton with Abigail
Our signature Paparazzi picture from Pop
The gorgeous wedding cake
The bride with her nephew-- brown was this year' "in"color!
Playing cousins while Grandma Sue works on the flowers.