Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Stone Zoo

So, upon arriving at the zoo, we got so lucky to see one of the black bears just hanging out by the window! It was HUGE! Twice the size of the ones that liked to visit our porch in Florence!

Cool horns

Pretty wolf

Summer took this great picture!

More Stone Zoo

Sky refused to leave this train! He is super enamored of Thomas the Tank Engine right now and really just wanted to stay with it, but his meanie mom insisted that he come eat his lunch!


You'll notice some are on nests still.

Baby flamingo! There were 2 already born and more on the way soon!

More Stone Zoo

kids check out a sleeping sloth

sleepy jaguar- this was River's favorite of the day

gila monsters!


Stone Zoo trip with the kids

I took the kids to a local zoo one town over yesterday. We had a lot of fun and everyone, myself included, slept really well that night (I fell asleep with the baby at 8:30pm) They wanted me to take these pictures of them looking at the snakes to scare Pop!

Sky and snake

beautiful cougar

Sky and Summer check out a goat laying in a bucket!

the goat

River and his puppies! Virginia and Lucy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

playing in the ocean

Playing in the ocean

Sandfun competition on Revere Beach!

Sky turns 2!!!

Sky beaches it up with Grandma Sue, Gabriel and mommy