Sunday, December 31, 2006

Our New York Christmas

One of the few pictures we have of just the 2 of us.

Christmas with Pop.
River hangs out with Aunt Jessie and Uncle Mark.

Little Clayton ADORES River, or "Baby Ear" as he calls him. He asked to hold him overy half hour or so.
They may all look unhappy, but we really did have a wonderful time with Sue!

The little boy got this great seat from Pop and he looks SO cute in it! I love it! And he really likes sitting up and seeing all the action going on around him.

A little Christmas snuggle time

The difference in boy vs. girl

I'm all about this Christmas thing.
This thing is too much for me!

Using some presents...

River really likes his new mobile from Pop. It is a New York Yankees one that plays "Take me out to the ballgame."

Summer really likes her new 'fairy' outfit from Aunt Jessie.
River looks cute in his stripes from Auntie Buffy and Uncle Eric along with his playful socks from Grandma D and Poppa D.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Baldwin's come to town

Grandpa Baldwin checks out our new little man.
Grandma Baldwin enjoys her new great grandson. She was ecstatic to feed him a bottle when we had to take Summer to the doctor. (she had an ear infection, poor baby, on christmas no less!)
Cutie 'G' on a rocking fish.
Aunt Mary and Grandma Baldwin check out the Pony castle as the girls play together.

Christmas morning

Summer LOVES her best present from Santa-- a My Little Pony castle.
River poses with his Tigger from us and his dinosaur from Buff and Eric.

Could they be anymore perfect together? Yes, that's my 'baby' brother!
Clayt and Summer check out the train my dad set up. We had it set up under the Christmas tree each year when we were growing up, so it was neat to play with it with Summer.
2 silly ladies and a cute boy.
Poppa D with boy. Notice the duct tape shoe.... he got new slippers from mom.
Wiley dog (Buff and Eric's puppy) poses sweetly with mom and the baby. She was so wonderful with the kids!

Our visit with Jed and Sarah

After our nice visit with Buff and Eric, we headed over to our friends' Jed and Sarah. Both kids were excited to see them.
River loves to have his feet played with.
Summer got to play and color- one of the things she loves to do most!
Sarah and Summer work on Summer's scrapbooking things they got her for Christmas.
River giggles for the first time! Clayton got River to gigle by pretending to laugh and he followed suit and giggled for the first time ever! He followed that one up with turning himself on his side from his back for the first time. This boy is growing fast!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

A pre-Christmas visit with Buff and Eric in Columubs

What sweeties!
Eric and River hang out.
River enjoyed Auntie Buffy a lot, she made him smile lots.
Present time.
Summer shows us how happy she is with her gift from Auntie Buffy and Uncle Eric.
Summer plays with her pony on a scooter with a helmet, while Buff suits herself up in her scooter helmet. Gotta play it safe!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Summer sings "boombox Scooby"

Yes, my daughter has a whole lot of energy. It will gain in power exponentially every day until Christmas, and then she'll lose it at some point. Enjoy!

River checks out his toy

Of course, after this video was taken he started really talking and smiling at his toy. Oh well, I'll catch it next time!

River checks out his toy

Of course, after this video he began to talk and smile at the toy. Oh well, I'll catch it next time!

Summer's gingerbread house

This is the gingerbread house Summer made in school in Friday. She was really excited about it and ate part of it for dessert after her lunch. Unfortunately, Zero polished it off for her later in the day when no one was looking.
Here is her house amongst our little village Christmas set up.

Summer and River

Notice that River is attached to Summer. She put that on herself and wanted to hold him and help him with the nuk.
Summer did this before she went to sleep after we put her to bed. That is her little couch and multiple pillows she set up for herself.
Summer was snuggling close to her teddy bear and was just super cute.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stef's 31st Birthday