Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life with River

SOOOO sweet

Up close with River

This picture makes him look like he has feet way too huge for his body!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

This is a great song from the lady that sings a bunch of songs on Grey's Anatomy-- part of what makes the show so good for me and Clayt

I really like this song and the pictures...

Clayton and his little boy

Our little princess girl...

Summer just recently has gotten into another of her Cinderella phases. I don't think it will outdo her current Scooby Doo phase, but she's working with it today and maybe tomorrow.
I LOVE her curls! And she decided she likes to wear her headband that way. I have never taught her a thing, but the girl's got some natural style.

Here's Summer playing her Scooby Doo game. She's gotten really good at the computer.
A boy and his daddy sleeping upstairs....while...
...a little princess girl is sleeping downstairs.

Summer wanted everyone to see her 'full' outfit, including shoes! She's a fashion girl. She just recently found her box of dressup shoes and has been trying them all on with different outfits for fun.

Standing River

Look, no hands!
He's actually balancing by himself, with one hand on the box with the books, and, yes, he's tossing them over his shoulder onto the floor. I guess he hadn't found the one he wanted.

So, as of yesterday, Riv also knows how to clap! He did it for Clayt and Summer while he was eating lunch and then refused to show me once they called me downstairs. But, he gave me my own private performance later that afternoon while we were nursing. You could tell he was so tickled by having figured it out. We must have clapped together for a full 5-10 minutes.

This is the first time River has pretty much stood up for a longish period of time. Yes, that door moves, so he is using his balance. He was SOOO proud of himself when he learned he could stand and not fall down on his butt. He still gets a little proud and excited face any time he lets go of something to stand on his own.

Friday, July 27, 2007

River stands tall, but doesn't quite walk

Hey all! So, River "ooh and aahhhed" us the other day by taking his first 3 steps! We went next door for breakfast for our friend's birthday and Clayton wanted to show everyone how River stands on his own for a few seconds and after he stood him up River took 3 full steps to get back into Clayton's arms! We were all excited. I've tried to catch it on camera ever since, but he's not obliged yet. He has, however, gotten really comfortable with standing on his own and he's experimenting a lot by letting go of furniture and seeing how he does-- his balance is pretty good. So, looks like we'll have ourselves a walker once he can get his confidence up for it!

River takes a step? ... you decide

Summer jumps rope while River laughs

A long one of Summer and River playing

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer and River play

River is 10 months old

Look at those teeth! He's got 8 altogether, but the newest one on bottom is still hard to see.
Look at those 'boy' shoulders!


Summer shows off the tie dye shirt she made in her arts and crafts class.
Summer prepares to jump rope.
Summer wanted to wear this outfit out to eat on Sunday morning. We told her no. We both thought she looked like a little hooker and had no way of explaining why she couldn't wear the outfit. I told her that she had to wear a real skirt or shorts and that the scarf she had wrapped around for a skirt wasn't for going out in. I love the addition of ruby slippers!


Sweet children