Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day weekend

We had a ton of fun Memorial Day weekend. First, our friend Sarah came into town and visited with her niece and sister. Then, we headed off to Syracuse for an overnight to see the family and Pop before his shoulder replacement surgery. The kids had a great time playing together as you'll see. We enjoyed ourselves too!
A little toilet paper fun with daddy.
This was all a very complicated set up by the kids.

Ahhh, success!

Kid fun at Pop's house

Family time

Little Clayton adores his cousin, River.

Jessie and Mark will be getting married this August 16th. We got to see the final adoption papers for little Clayton-- Mark adopted him only a week or so ago. We're glad Clayton has a daddy now!
Mark got a quick chance to hold our little guy.
A rare picture of the 2 of us!
River checks out all gram's bracelets.

"Summer" time.

River plays with Pop and Clayton


Abigail and River

3 cousins posing for a picture....
Summer pushes little Clayton on the swing.
3 swinging big kids.
River hangs with the boys.
Pop and Grandma Sue just got this great playground thing for the kids to play on in New Woodstock! They had a great time playing together.

River LOVED his Aunt Jessie-- she was the only one he was OK with handling him other than me and Clayt.
Family pictures in the garden.
Upclose on Riv.
Love makes a family grow....

Swinging cousins

A visit from Sarah, Molly and Meghan!

Here, Summer adorns herself with flowers partly because she likes them, partly because she was pretending it was her birthday and partly for her upcoming company!
Sarah visited us last weekend and brought along Molly (whose 3!) and her sister, Meghan. They love about 20 minutes from us in Amherst. Molly and Summer had met before about a year or so ago. Needless to say, the girls hit it off and they can't wait to see each other again! We are going to make sure we get in touch more often and let the girls get together as well. Molly is a beautiful little girl whose very similar to Summer in many ways, it will be neat to watch their friendship grow!
River and Sarah have some bonding time. Sarah is River's Goddessmother. proud standing boy

Summer claims Sarah for herself.
Meghan gets the girls playing T-ball together-- one of the neighborhood kids was hitting the ball to them.
Summer whos Molly and Sarah all the neat flowers in the yard and works on getting them wet with water from the pool.
Playing girls!

A visit from Molly, Megan and Sarah

Our little drummer boy

Some time with Summer and River

River's 8 months old!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Washcloth obsessed baby...

Two clean cuties!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fun times at our house!

One of my new favorite things to do is have both kids take a bath together. Its sweet to watch them interact in all situations, but there's just something about bathtime thats just so darn cute! Here, River is wishing Summer would notice that he REALLY wants that bath book she's got.
A serious face. He wore this face most of the day yesterday. His teeth are bothering him like crazy. Last night, I realized just how bad it was, the boy has 4 teeth coming in at once!! Yes, that's right, 4 top teeth all working there way out at once! I swear its unheard of, they usually come in once or twice at a time! But poor baby, no wonder all he wants to do is nurse all the time and gets manic about chewing on things! Send him some calm and comforting energy, he could use it!

Two in a tub.
This washcloth feels good on those teethers!
Sweet little girl! Watch out, she's gonna be 5 in less than a month! Crazy!
Some water fun.