Friday, January 12, 2007

Bedtime at the Novak-MacD Household

Yes, I thought we could share bedtime with you all! The best part to me is once again, how EVERYONE gets involved in EVERYTHING in our house-- animals and all!

I lied to my sister by accident

So, my sister, Heather, called me a few days ago to ask how much River weighs because he looked huge to her in some of the pictures and I told her only about 12 pounds. Well, I think I was pretty far off- as far as babies go. I just talked to a mom at Summer's preschool and he little girl weighs 12 pounds and she's MUCH smaller than River. So, she and I were guessing 14-15pounds. AND hes on an eating spree, so I expect he'll be gaining a few more ounces in the next few days with this little growth spurt. Sorry Heath... Give him another month, or maybe a few more days, and he and Bernie may weigh about the same-- little monster boy!

River sports his new carseat

River looks cute in his new, very safe carseat. He seems to like it, as far as we can tell.
He just looks so darn cute in all his winter gear I had to take a few of him.

I especially like his hat. It came from my German family years ago for Summer-- she never fit into it, her head was too big by the time it got cold enough to wear it, so I'm glad we can use it now!
Ah yes, he was too tired to deal with the rest of the world. So, he put his hands over his eyes and feel asleep. I think he kept them that way for an hour or so!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

River is SOOO excited!

River was in a great mood, so I took a little video of him to share with you all.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My kids love each other


Look at those beautiful eyes!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Christmas Song with Wiley

Grandma Baldwin sing Rudolph the Rednose Reaindeer with Summer, Guilietta, Wiley, Grandma D, Aunt Mary, Uncle John and Uncle Mikey.

River talks a bunch

River loves to talk to us and tell us how much he loves us.

Some quality family time

Summer sports her hat the our friend, Wendy knitted for her. Its an adorable hat and SOOOO Summer! Great call on the colors too!
Clayton and River decided to nap together.

Summer wanted to get in on the love.

Yes, this is a typical scene in the Novak-MacDonald household. Sit down and you're soon to be covered in animals and children!

River and his dog.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Big news in our world!

Hey all! We have some GREAT news! Our house is selling! We will be closing on January 31st. This freaked us out a little bit at first, worrying about finding a place to live and all in just under a month. But, the universe has blessed us with some great stuff! The very first place we looked has all we would want, is located in Florence (a town in the western half of Northampton area), and comes with one of the most wonderful landlords I've ever met. Her name is Sylvia, and she is very much my kind of person! She is into nature and one of the sweetest people we have ever met, and loves to collect feather s and birds and things just like me! Plus, she had a gorgeous picture of a native american on her wall that I just loved. I think she may be an artist. She was just so welcoming and made us feel so at home and wanted. We are so excited, becuase we have worked for about 4 years to be where we are about to be. We've signed the agreement and will be moving in on the 27th! Life gonna fly for the next month, so you may not hear much from us!