Friday, February 23, 2007

Some new ones

Summer likes to play at this new table Gram bought for the kids, it is painted really neat with dinosaurs-- finally I get to do a little boy theme stuff and not all princess!
Summer and Gram check out a video onher camera.
River likes his teddy bear-- he's a snuggly one! Mister boy will be 5 months old tomorrow
(Feb. 24)! He weighed in at 14lbs 11oz. this morning at the doctor. He is up to 25 1/2 inches long and his head is in the 90th percentile( I always said the boy had a huge head!-- its all those brains he's got up there!).

Our winter wonderland

This is for all you people who live in warmer climates and miss the freezing cold, but also the beauty that comes along on those special winter days like today. Snowy viedo coming soon!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

River in johnny jump up long

River in johnny jump up short

Summer plays with playdoh

River rolls over

Back on track

Summer sports her smile in the midst of her cat scratched nose.
Summer and Grandma Sue playing school and drawing together.
River shows his enthusiasm for his new toy.

We all set with the pictures!

Well, our internet has been installed, so I can now, obviously put picture on the blog once again. Here, Summer is showing us her blue snowman she made from playdoh.

Friday, February 16, 2007

hey all!

Howdy! You'll only be getting written posts from me until our cable internet stuff gets installed in a week or two, then you'll be rolling in pictures and videos again!

River Update:
For those of you who didn't know, the boy can now rollover from his belly to his back! Hurray! He's been at it for about a week now, although he seems to forget how from time to time.
Also new, he can pretty much sit up on his own-- he did it the other day for about 30 seconds on his own-- pretty good for baby standards. So, we're sure he'll be a master of it soon.

Summer Update:

Summer has started at her new school and claims, "Its the best school I have ever been to." She likes the fact that she is alloed to wear slippers once she's there. There is a little girl, Izabella who lives 3 houses down from us and goes to the same school, so I can see them becoming fast friends.

Stef and Clayton Update:

We're both as cute as always!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Newest River and Summer video

We thought we'd give you a little look at our house and see how the kids are doing. And, yes, River's head is HUGE!

New pictures of the boy and girl

Friday, February 02, 2007

Our cutie friends come to hang out before we leave

These are our new friends, Vanessa and Sul. They are a super sweet married couple that we met through Clayt's work. They are awesome and the kids dig them as well.

We're back!

Hello all!

Here we are again! We may be off and on a bit as our computer can't decide if it wants to stay working or not. But, our life has moved quickly in the last 2 weeks. We have sold our condo in Everett, FINALLY. And we have moved (thanks very much to the hard work of cousin Matt and Mark and Pop) to Florence, just outside Northampton area. Its a VERY cool place, super progressive and lots of neat things all around to do. We have a ton of nature trails here and a few mountains around us. We're only 5 hours from Wanakena now too!

Our house is fantastic! We have a great living room and dining room and kitchen on our first floor. Our second floor consists of Summer's room and our room. We have a master bath in our room and Summer has her own bathroom/ guest bathroom in the hall near her room. The way downstairs (no 'basement' in this house-- its too scarry of an idea for certain little girls) has 2 finished rooms. We are using one for a guest room and Clayton's personal play space and the other is a play room for the kids. As you can see from the pictures, we still have a ways to go to set things up, but we're focusing on functionality first.

Summer starts at her new school next week Wednesday and Clayton is already back to work. River is growing huge and has seemed to regain his good spirits. He had a bout of unhappiness for a while-- probably unsettled about the new house. Summer has done awesome with the move and loves it here. We go on a walk around the neighborhood every day-- Zero gets 3 walks a day-- he's very happy about that! So, life is finally settling for us and we are glad of it.

Our new address is 19 Indian Hill Florence, MA 01062

Most of you probably have the wrong address as I just realized we had put our new address as our landlords next door. Phone number's the same. Feel free to come and visit anytime-- there's a ton of neat little shops and such in town and Clayton tells me there's 14 bookstores close to us, among the insane amounts of fishing areas and more....

Our new place

This is our messy guest room.
This is our bedroom-- the cats think its theirs... little do they know they will soon be kicked out.
Here's our messy living/dining room area.
This is the side door to our house and a view of the nice cul-de-sac area-- all forested around us and stuff!
Here's our cutie house. It faces south, so we get a ton of light throughout the day. Our plants are diggin' it!